Pizza crusts with vegetables

A healthy life style is becoming more and more important for many consumers. In fact, healthy food has become a real trend. On the other hand consumers still want to enjoy good, tasty food and snacks. Therefore we have to find a balance which we can fulfil by offering our clients tasty vegetable pizza crusts! We’d like to respond to this growing demand and that’s why we keep developing new pizza crusts with different kinds of vegetables. Monte Pizza Crust wants to become thé producer of healthy pizza crusts in the world.

The manufacturer for healthy pizza crusts

We use as much vegetables as possible in our healthy pizza crusts. These crusts are ideal for people who want to eat low-carb food; this way they are able to enjoy a delicious pizza. Recently we created a low calorie pumpkin pizza crust of 25 cm round and a weight of 140 gram. We developed a dough with 33% pumpkin pulp and an extra amount of fibers to make the crust even more healthy. These vegetable crusts can be used by topping companies which cover our vegetable crusts with delicious ingredients, pack them and sell them in supermarkets like our partner Magioni.  Pizzas with our pumpkin crusts are now available in store at Albert Heijn!

Do you want to have the possibility to offer your clients a healthy pizza? Then Monte Pizza Crust is the right partner and our vegetable crusts are the best choice. At this moment we are developing pizza crusts made of different vegetables. Our pumpkin crusts are already available, but we have many other possibilities. We are experimenting with broccoli, carrot and sweet pepper pulp and even fruit crusts with mango or pineapple pulp. Are you interested in pizza crust with another vegetable? We are always willing to discuss your ideas and to examine what the possibilities are.

We’d love to develop customized pizza crusts. Whether you prefer our “regular” American or Italian pizza crusts or healthy pizza crusts full of vegetables. Originally we started with size 25 cm round and a weight of 175 gram, but on request more sizes and weights are possible. We produce these healthy vegetable crusts on our American pizza crust line, so we would like to know what your wishes are. If you want to know more about this subject, please feel free to contact us!

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