Today, we are delighted to inform you that we have added currently popular Italian stone-baked crusts to our product range. That means:

'One-stop-shopping' for all your pizza crusts and dough balls at Monte Pizza Crust!


Of course, being able to work with just one single supplier that can provide a complete product range from a central, accessible location brings huge logistical advantages for you. In addition, we can help develop efficient custom solutions for all your logistical needs, in line with your organization.

Our ambition is to be a leading national and international supplier with a reputation for quality. That's why we are investing and focusing on service and offering the best possible value for money. We've been scaling up our production volumes and have invested in a brand new Italian stone-baked and a dough ball production line earlier this year. Although demand for our complete product range is growing, we'll never compromise on quality, delivery reliability or continuity. We continue to use the best, all-natural ingredients. That means Monte Pizza Crusts are guaranteed to remain crisp, firm, fresh and delicious.

Pizza crusts and dough balls can be provided in any size or thickness and we're happy to help devise special recipes. Looking for pre-packaged retail products, fresh in-store deli pizzas, 'out of home' solutions or options for the hospitality industry, large canteens or institutions? Monte Pizza Crust has the answer. And what's more, your customers will taste and appreciate the difference.

Any ideas you'd like to discuss? Want to find out more about how we can help you? Get in touch today on: +31 (0) 76 501 4900 -