The Bread specialty of Monte Pizza Crust

Introducing Pane di Monte: the Bread specialty of Monte Pizza Crust!

mediterranean-bread-specialties.pngWe like to introduce Pane di Monte 'Premium' and 'Tasty'. These specialty breads are based on traditional recipes and prepared with the best ingredients. With our flat rustic breads, Monte Pizza Crust continues the Mediterranean tradition with the hand-formed Pane di Monte. We combine that with certified, sustainable and standardized production methods in our professional bakery. From a complete bread based meal to a savoury snack or appetizer.

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  • Available in a premium and a tasty version
  • Good base for a complete bread meal
  • Savoury snack for in between meals
  • Great as appetizer
  • Ideal base to add your own toppings

Pane di Monte "Premium"

  • Diameter : 22cm x 37cm / 9” x 15”

Pane di Monte "Tast y"

  • Diameter : 22cm x 37cm / 9” x 15”


Does the Pane di Monte trigger your imagination? Do you want more information or do you want to present the concept to your prospects and clients? Please let us know. We are happy to send you additional information and samples for testing and tasting. Call our office at: +31 76 501 49 00 or send your email to: