Frozen dough balls for pizza, garlic bread and more

Our frozen dough balls are traditionally used for (deep pan) pizzas, but can be used for so many more purposes like garlic bread, tear ‘n’ share, calzones, mini dough balls, tray bakes, bread-sticks and even focaccias. Of course, we only use natural ingredients.

Producing and freezing of our perfect dough balls

Our frozen dough balls are produced in the typical authentic way, but we are fully capable of adjusting the recipe to your wishes. After the production, we use a high capacity and high efficiency tunnel freezer to ensure a constant perfect quality of our frozen dough balls. Our dough balls have a shelf life of up to 12 months.

The next step: packaging and logistics of the dough balls

Our assortment of dough balls ranges from 150 up to 900 gram per dough ball. With an automated high quality counting system, the dough balls are packed by quantity and inspected by weight. Packaging is available in standard Monte Pizza branded boxes, non-branded boxes and private label upon request.

From dough ball to pizza dough or sandwich base

Since our dough balls have multiple purposes, their production includes a process to make the handling of the dough ball easier. The base is the start of the consumer experience and whether it becomes a pizza, a sandwich or a flatbread, the base needs to be outstanding. Let us know your preferred use of the dough ball and we make the perfect base for you and your customers.


For more information about our frozen dough balls, its production process and the packing and logistic possibilities, contact us via e-mail and we will support you in every possible way.