Your best custom made pizza crust and dough ball

Looking for pre-packaged retail products, fresh in-store deli pizzas, ‘out of home’ or ‘on-the-go’ solutions or options for the hospitality industry, large canteens or institutions? We are there to help you develop the best custom made pizza crust and dough ball! Monte Pizza Crust offers pizza bases and dough balls in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses, both for the classic recipes and your own custom recipes.

Classic and tailor-made recipes for the perfect pizza base

Organic, wholemeal or spelt? Big or small, thin and crispy or thick and crunchy? If you wish to alter the traditional recipe for the Italian pizza crust or American pizza crust, but are in need of some support, we’re happy to help devise your special recipe! The dimensions can be customised as well to create your perfect pizza base.

Custom made pizza crust for a pizza kit

If you are developing a pizza kit, we can provide you with the perfect custom made pizza crust in combination with tomato sauce and cheese. Your customers can have the fun of making their own pizza at home and experience the best taste and quality of your personalized pizza base.


Do you have questions about your custom made pizza base? Don’t hesitate and contact us for a non-binding advise of one of our experienced employees.